We’ve built a platform
to protect your company.

We’re reinventing the cyber security industry with a secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses implement security measures.


What is inlyse?

inlyse is a cutting-edge AI-based IT security platform which identifies malware and cyber-attacks within seconds.

While existing solutions solve just one problem at a time, our team has built a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product for everyone. It includes easy integration, management, and cloud access.

Benefit from inlyse’s innovation capabilities and implement a solution which promise seamless security and compliance for your company.

The inlyse Platform Platform

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can manage everything with the ease of a click . Even if you already have a security solution, you can choose from a variety of our plugins, combine them with your existing solutions and precisely close weaknesses in your infrastructure.


Thanks to the modular structure of inlyse’s security platform, customers can selectively enhance their existing IT infrastructure and adapt the solution for comprehensive protection to their specific needs. The plugins complement the customer’s existing security solutions. This integrative approach provides a decisive advantage in the fight against new security threats.

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Why Choose us?

Rethink Cyber Security

Identifying security vulnerabilities is expensive and challenging. It’s difficult task to close them in a target-oriented and accurate manner. Don't rely on all-in-one solutions. inlyse closes precisely and purposefully the security holes that you identify.

Cutting Edge Technology

Get rid of outdated update-based solutions and trust inlyse's secure and reliable solution. inlyse's artificial intelligence is capable of detecting new, previously unknown viruses with the highest accuracy even before they run.

Flexibility & Easy to Use

Keep existing security systems and software. inlyse is specially designed for complementary use. Download our plugins free of charge and install them on your system or get our Microsoft Office security Apps and start the free test phase.

Open Extensible Cloud

Use our flexible cloud APIs to integrate your own in-house software or existing third-party applications. Outsource your analysis processes to ISO27001 certified cloud environments and benefit from multiple cost savings and automatic scaling to your requirements.

How inlyse Works?

Create an Account.

Register on our website and complete your profile. Your personal dashboard will then be provided to you.

Choose your Plugins & Plan.

Choose your individual Plugins and service plans. You have the choice between free usage, different subscriptions options or pay-per-use models.

Connect your Plugins.

Download your chosen Plugins and install them directly on your system or integrate them directly into your environment.

Monitor your Security.

Be always in the picture and monitor the activities on your central dashboard. Define what actions should be taken when threats are detected and configure your personal reports.

Stay Secure.

IT-Security shouldn't be rocket science. It is as easy as this.

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Join Our Team CAREER

You are a hacker or a guru in artificial intelligence? You love to build great products from scratch? You are a marketing, sales or cloud expert? There are many ways you can contribute to our fast-growing tech-startup. Become part of an excellent and passionate team to shape the future with our exciting technology!

Be part of a team of true innovators and enjoy a team where everyone has the same drive and excitement for creation as you do. Bring in your ideas, show off your brilliance and get the license to innovate as well as the responsibility. We recognize your success instantly and praise and glory is yours to bask in.

Don't waste time on boring projects, work on projects that directly and immediately impact users. You will rarely work within the straight confines of one job description—be willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in a lot of different facets of the business. Deal with difficult problems and think of innovative and original ways of addressing it.

Karlsruhe, Berlin, Rio? We are an international and globally operating team. For us, remote work is not an obstacle, but an opportunity to unite the best talents around the globe. Furthermore, it doesn't matter to us where, when or how the job is done, as long as it gets done.

Be part of the solution not of the problem! Work on something special, actively design the growth of the company and be proud of your contribution. Take the challange and earn more resume bullets than you ever thought possible.

You want to make a difference, you are fully ambitious, you are willing to take responsibility, you are thinking entrepreneurial and burning for Data Analysis and IT? If so, send us your CV and a description of your desired work area.

Complete with a comprehensive relocation package to our Karlsruhe office, we’ll help iron out any visa or moving issues you might have.

We carve out 2 days a month for you to focus on dream projects or your backlog. We call it "Getting Stuff Done Days."

Investing in your future should be your first professional concern. Planed is to give each employee a personal development fund and the freedom to spend it.

To get started, you will get a budget for setting up your personal workspace.

For further information please contact us directly.

For further information please contact us directly.

For further information please contact us directly.

For further information please contact us directly.

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