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INLYSE Browser Security

Add essential protection against malicious downloads and inline documents. The INLYSE Browser Security extension secures against online threats and provides you with appropriate and easy to manage actions and responses in case of a catch. Our lightweight, intuitive, and user-friendly extension helps ensure compliance with enterprise-wide browser security standards.t

Scan and detect

The plug-in activate and starts scanning as soon as you request.


If malicious content is detected, INLYSE intuitively warns you and provides a harmless preview of the requested resource, allowing you to continue your work in a safe environment

Continue and control

You can work without interruption and leave the monitoring and configuration to the admin using the centralized dashboard.

Don’t just detect attacks, prevent them from happening in the first place.


Lightweight and secure analysis. The Analysis happens away from the user within a safe and secured analysis environment.
Browser-agnostic. Use your favorite browser and simply add our smart enhancements to improve your browser security
Protects against malicious inline and linked documents
Blocks unauthorized downloads of malicious documents
Provides harmless previews of the resource with the integrated INLYSE CDR technology stack
Scans documents before viewing or downloading them
Gives the option to skip scans or manually block/unblock downloads
Get instant insights about your browsing behavior and reports directly inside your browser

Our Application Security Plugins

Don’t just detect attacks, prevent them from happening in the first place.

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