We make cyber threat protection easily accessible and affordable for all types of individuals and companies, regardless of their size, know-how, and resources. We offer a flexible and straightforward solution that enables users to protect themselves specifically and precisely against all known and unknown threats.

Our protection starts where traditional anti-virus ends. We believe that creating a harmonized security environment is better than replacing comprehensive anti-virus solutions. Hence, we created a security platform that supplements anti-virus software with innovative technologies to detect the vaguest threats.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to revolutionize malware detection with the combination of intelligent image recognition mechanisms and self-learning neural networks.

Our goal is to be the best partner and complementary solution to existing IT security infrastructures without disrupting business operations, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and consuming a lot of time to deliver the best security you deserve.

Stay advanced

We focus on developing innovative security tools to anticipate upcoming security needs to help you become cyberattack-free and ahead of your competition.

Pave the way

Our team will help you integrate our cutting-edge software into your business so you can define the experiences you want to deliver.

Keep learning

We’ll never stop learning and looking for opportunities to grow and enhance our solutions.

We seek to create cloud and on-premises security solutions that enable companies to run frictionless end-to-end operations free from cyberattacks that threaten their enterprise.

By integrating our platform with your existing security and IT infrastructure, we enable you to implement a cybersecurity solution that:

Our Vision

Our Values


We take pride in our products and how they elevate the security landscape. Our team is reliable, agile, and always ready to help you, 24/7.


We harness the power of modern technology with the expertise of our industry experts to continuously craft independent tools that will enable your business to be a forerunner in security solutions.


We let you lead the way. We’re always involved in every decision that will impact your operations, and our job is to support your efforts in keeping your business safe and secured.