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Welcome to INLYSE, your esteemed partner for computer virus analysis and penetration tests. Leveraging our extensive experience and in-depth expertise, we stand as one of the few remaining German antivirus solution providers, committed to shielding businesses like yours from ransomware and various cyber threats.
In today's world, ransomware attacks are one of the biggest threats to businesses, regardless of their size. Should your business become a victim of a ransomware attack, our experts are prepared to intervene and rescue your operations. We deliver prompt and precise virus analysis to determine the nature of the threat and implement appropriate countermeasures without delay.


Combat Ransomware with Expertise, Reliability, and Speed

Our services include:

  • Prompt analysis of ransomware and other computer viruses
  • Professional decryption, if feasible, and data recovery
  • Thorough system cleaning and backup
  • Tailored advice and training for preventive measures

Reasons to choose INLYSE:

  • Expertise: Our seasoned specialists possess vast knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to effectively counter any computer virus.
  • Reliability: As one of the few remaining German antivirus solution manufacturers, we embody quality and dependability. or plugin
  • Speed: Recognizing the importance of swift action in minimizing the repercussions of ransomware attacks, we offer immediate assistance and rapid solutions.

Reach out to us today to discover more about our personalized computer virus analysis and mitigation services. Safeguard your company from ransomware and other cyber threats with INLYSE, your dependable partner from Germany.

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