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INLYSE Email Security

INLYSE Mail Security is designed to add another layer of protection on top of your traditional
scanners,actively and quickly looking for incoming threats via e-mail.


Add a layer of security to detect the most sophisticated email-borne threats whether its client or server-based.


Shield your organization against data thieves, bad actors, and impersonators.


Stop the onslaught of cyberattacks at the root and be cyber-prepared, always.

Our Email Security Plugins

Our hybrid-ready security solutions are deployed in the cloud and on-premise.


Integrates seamlessly into all email infrastructure
Works complementary to other existing security solutions
Scans incoming emails in the client endpoint, the e-mail server, or the e-mail gateways
Allows administrators to manage plug-ins and define actions on a central dashboard

Don’t let cyber threats win. Try INLYSE today.