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Frequently Asked Questions

We are using image recognition and neural networks for detecting unknown threats compared to signature-based solutions and sandboxing technologies.
We are talking about 99,99% and able to detect completely unknown threats in seconds to bridge the gap to traditional AV products.
Yes, you do need to replace an existing AV-solutions. We detect the unknown threats which traditional AV products can`t. Download the plugin and you are directly safe from unknown threats.
We support any platform incl. Windows, MacOS, Linux because INLYSE is application based.
We support all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge.
Yes, that`s exactly the case. You can integrate INLYSE via 2 clicks into the MS services like Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive …
You can create your own licenses in our dashboard, download the plugins in the stores, copy the license into the plugin and it`s working with a smart and outstanding reporting.
Yes, INLYSE is multi-tenant, you can manage different customers under one organization.
As a German startup, INLYSE upholds the GDPR standards for european data sovereignty.
At the moment we are talking about 9 months until our neural networks need to be re-trained.
Yes, you can use INLYSE on-premise, in the INLYSE cloud (or Azure or AWS), or hybrid. You can manage that easily in your dashboard.
Just click on our homepage the test now button and we will immediately send you the dashboard link to create your own license and you`re up and running in minutes.