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World First
Visual AI Based Malware Detection

The first solution that converts files into graphical representations and checks whether malware is contained or not. We provide user-friendly, efficient and secure malware detection technology.
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decentralised security

A security platform for the modern age

We have developed a completely new technology to detect malware based on images. The INLYSE Malware Protection bridges the gap that antivirus do not match. It is not intended to replace antivirus solutions, but to enhance the detection to catch new and unseen malware. We use our advanced self learning visual based malware detection algorithms (patent pending) to detect even the most advanced and newest malware.

  • Modular structure enabling easy implementation for different softwares
  • Advanced payment several flexible billing options based on pay per use or plugin
  • Easy deployment Easily download and install our plugins.
  • Security Made in Germany As a german company we truly believe in GDPR and strictly following the principle of European data sovereignty. For this reason, our solution is also hosted in German data centers.

About inlyse

cyber-security with AI based solutions.

INLYSE is a cutting-edge AI-based IT security platform which identifies malware and cyber-attacks within seconds.
It is the first IT security solution that combines intelligent picture recognition mechanisms with self-learning neural networks in order to identify and stop advanced malware, zero-day exploits and APT attacks without regular updates.

While existing solutions solve just one problem at a time, our team has built a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product for everyone. It includes easy integration, management, and cloud access.
The modular system architecture of INLYSE enables enterprises to select and use IT security plugins to close weaknesses in their IT infrastructure in a fast and easy way.

Benefit from INLYSE’s innovation capabilities and implement a solution which promise seamless security and compliance for your company.

About our engine

Inspired By Human Medicine

INLYSE has developed a new and innovative method for detecting malware. It is the result of years of extensive research on state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of IT-Security and Data Science. For this we have been inspired by methods that are also used in human medicine. The development of self-learning algorithms is well advanced everywhere where the analysis of images is concerned, be it x-rays, photos or video sequences. Deep learning systems are successfully used in radiology, ophthalmology and dermatology, among others. Deep neural networks are used to reliably detect lung diseases in computer tomography, breast cancer cells in histological sectional images or diabetic retinal changes, for example. It is precisely this procedure that we make use of. For this purpose we convert files into graphical representations, analyse them holistically, and recognize from these images if there is something in them that should not be there.

INLYSE Core Technology

Better said than done. Our methodology required us to solve a multitude of difficult problems to convert any different file of a type, with respect to its individual attributes like its size, into expressive image representations, that can be classified using deep neural networks and our machine learning stack. For this purpose we’ve developed a universal preprocessing pipeline that disassembles any input data into its type specific segments, and encodes the containing correlating data structures in the best possible way to an expressive graphical representation of the specific segment. The combination of the different generated representations, provides us a holistic and expressive graphical projection of the input data that can be classified.



Application Security
Mail Security
Browser Security

A Quick overview


Scan Engine

The INLYSE scan engine bridges the gap that antivirus do not match. It is not intended to replace antivirus solutions, but to enhance the detection to catch new and unseen malware. We use our advanced self learning visual based malware detection algorithms (patent pending) to detect even the most advanced and newest malware.

Base Engine

INLYSE Base engine provides centralized management of the INLYSE Security Ecosystem. It allows you to globally manage your Plugin-Subscription, define pre and post-scanning actions and monitor your client security status.

Browser Security

Browse with confidence knowing you are secured by INLYSE browser extension. Scan your download against malware before downloading it. Visit Websites which are scanned against Phishing, malicious links and validated SSL Certificates.

Mail Security

Expand your E-Mail Security Stack without effort. Activate the complementary INLYSE E-Mail extension without replacing existing solutions. No matter if you use MS Outlook, OWA or directly onside your email-gateway.

Application Security

Secure your application against untrusted sources by integrating INLYSE extensions. Scan incoming files against known and unknown malware, running malware campaigns before your application processes the file.


Our cloud-based API makes it really easy to scan for viruses and malware in your application. Whether you're running Cloud or On-Premise we can handle as many requests as you can push.

OEM Solutions

Integrate INLYSE's powerful security solutions into your own products with our OEM solutions. Enhance your product's capabilities and provide added value to your customers with our customizable security features. Release date: Q3/2023

More examples of how you can use our solution.


Web APPs

Protect your self-hosted webservices like application portals from malicious file uploads by calling our API before the uploaded data get processed or forwarded to your HR department.

Cloud Applications

Protect your Web applications like Project management- or CRM System from malicious requests and file uploads by integrating our API to scan all the incoming requests against malware.

Mail Server Security

Provide company wide E-Mail Security with our e-Mail Gateway and Office365 Plugins, by scanning incoming attachments against malware, before the emails arrive in your employee's inbox.

Secure Browsing

Provide better internet browsing security by integrating our malware scanning API into your Secure Web-Proxy infrastructure or directly into your Web-Browser.

Mail Client Security

Directly protect your users on their endpoints and provide E-Mail Security with our Microsoft OWA, Microsoft Outlook Desktop or IMAP Plugins to scan attachments as soon as the user opens the attachment.

Security for Productivity Tools

Protect your customer support employees from receiving malicious documents via instant messaging with our slack anti malware IM bot, which scans every shared documents instantly against malware.


Exactly the security, exactly where you need it


Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can manage everything with the ease of a click . Even if you already have a security solution, you can choose from a variety of our plugins, combine them with your existing solutions and precisely close weaknesses in your infrastructure.

Thanks to the modular structure of INLYSE’s security platform, customers can selectively enhance their existing IT infrastructure and adapt the solution for comprehensive protection to their specific needs. The plugins complement the customer’s existing security solutions. This integrative approach provides a decisive advantage in the fight against new security threats.

Google Chrome
Browser Security
Mozilla Firefox
Browser Security
Microsoft Edge
Browser Security
Opera Browser
Browser Security
Microsoft Outlook
Mail Security
Outlook Web App
Mail Security
IMAP-Deamon Service
Mail Security
E-Mail-Gateway Service
Mail Security
Local Scanner
App Security
App Security
Microsoft OneDrive
App Security

About Browser Security


General Description

The INLYSE Browser Security extension provides more security while browsing the Internet. It instantly scans inline documents, downloaded documents and links to documents against viruses and blocks them if malicious content is found.

Avoid infections and other unwanted outcomes when you open suspicious documents or links to documents by checking it against INLYSE Malware Protection. INLYSE Malware Protection is a combination of intelligent image recognition mechanisms and self-learning neural networks to detect malware.

  • Protects against links to malicious documents
  • Protects against opening malicious inline documents
  • Blocks downloading of malicious documents
  • Scans documents before viewing them
  • Scans documents before downloading them
  • Scans files up to 16MB in size, before downloading them from the internet
  • Provides possibility to skip scans
  • Provides possibility to manually block/unblock downloads und inline documents

more security while browsing the Internet


Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge

About Mail Security


General Description

Over 95% of all cyber attacks begin with an email to an unexpected victim. (Reference: SANS) Sometimes it seems easy to blame users for falling victim to phishing attacks, but campaigns are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It's often difficult to distinguish a malicious email from a regular one because attackers will tailor attacks to look as if they come from a trusted source, such as cloud service providers like Microsoft or Google, colleagues, or even the boss. Scanning incoming emails against known and unknown malicious content is essentially required to protect your company from becoming compromised. At this critical endpoint it is very meaningful to not rely on a single instance of security but to integrate several layers of security software.

No need to replace an existing solution

The INLYSE Plugins are designed to integrate seamless into any kind of email infrastructure and work complementary to any other security solution.

Scan Emails where it makes sense for your business

We scan incoming emails exactly where you want to scan them no matter if its onside the Client Endpoint via our Outlook Plugins, onside the email Server (MS Exchange, Office365) or E-Mail Gateways like SMTP Proxies.

Define actions

No matter where you integrate our plugins, we provide a central administration dashboard where you can manage and monitor your Plugin endpoints or define global actions and rules which fits your specific needs

Expand your E-Mail Security Stack without effort


Microsoft Outlook
Outlook Web App
IMAP-Deamon Service
E-Mail-Gateway Service

About Application Security


General Description

Modern technology is crucial to organisations, but at the same time, it also brings with IT security concerns. To add to this, the concept of a 'workplace' is no longer restricted to a cubicle, with employees working remotely occupying a significant part of the workforce. On the one hand, these factors are boosting productivity, but on the other, the question is how to ensure data security.

With our Plugins you can strike a balance between productivity and security. Our modular system architecture allows us to rapidly develop plugins for new tools to support you further boosting the productivity of your company.

Try Out some of our plugins or standalone client: Slack, OneDrive, Local Scanner.

Missing Any Plugins? Send us a notification in the Q&A Section.

Expand your Application Security Stack without effort


Local Scanner



Scan Anywhere

Our cloud-based API makes it really easy to scan for viruses and malware in your application. Whether you're running Cloud or On-Premise we can handle as many requests as you can push.

Works with any Language / Framework

Our JSON API works with regular HTTPS POST requests. Whatever your preference we can take URLs or direct file uploads and scan them. In addition, we offer ready-made SDKs for many programming languages, which can be used to access our API very easily.

Build to be secure

We've built our attachment scanning appliances to be secure by default. We use HTTPS encryption for transfer, AES encryption for files at rest and take security very seriously.

  • Supported SDKs: C/C++, GO, Python, JavaScript, PHP
  • File Size Limits: 16 MB
  • Documentation : Link

Scalable antivirus and malware protection API for developers



about our company


  • About INLYSE

    Founded in 2018 in Germany, INLYSE was created by leading industry security experts and data scientists with a mission to revolutionize malware detection using unique AI mechanisms. Our vision is to develop best-in-class and affordable solutions for enterprises by offering lightweight plugin-technology that seamlessly integrates AI with real-time protection. As a German start-up, we are firmly committed to upholding GDPR and strictly adhere to the principle of European data sovereignty. Our dedication to privacy and security ensures that your organization's valuable data remains protected and compliant. Together, our team at INLYSE is dedicated to providing world-class cybersecurity solutions to protect your organization's valuable data and infrastructure. Experience the future of cybersecurity with INLYSE.

  • Ralf Haubrich - Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder

    With a proven track record in Sales and Marketing, Ralf Haubrich has been instrumental in shaping the success of companies such as Astaro, SOPHOS, and LANCOM (Rohde & Schwarz). As INLYSE's Chief Revenue Officer, Ralf brings his extensive experience in building worldwide channels and driving EMEA business to ensure our growth and reach.

  • Julian Ziegler - Co-CEO, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

    A globally recognized malware defense researcher and analyst, Julian Ziegler has led malware defense teams at prestigious Fortune 500 corporations including Infineon, Siemens, and Metro. As INLYSE's co-CEO and Chief Product Officer, Julian drives our product development and ensures we stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

  • Christian Boll - Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

    An accomplished speaker and author in the fields of AI, deep learning, and neural networks, Christian Boll has managed major projects in computer vision, pen testing, and malware forensics. As INLYSE's Chief Technology Officer, Chris leads our technological advancements, ensuring we remain at the forefront of innovation.

  • Walter Schumann - Chief Executive Officer

    An IT Security industry veteran, Walter Schumann possesses extensive international business and management experience. With a history of managing Zone Labs EMEA, Checkpoint, Astaro, G DATA, and serving as SVP Sales at Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity, Walter joined INLYSE in 2023. As our CEO, he brings his expertise to guide our company's vision and strategy.

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