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Integrate security into the development

Add a layer of security to detect the most sophisticated email-borne threats whether its client or server-based.

Centralized configuration

Our SDK provides probabilities to query our CDR or notification endpoints directly, or you can configure the behavior within the INLYSE dashboard in a centralized manner.

Multi-channel deployment

You can keep your files secure and gatekeep URLs locally or in the cloud. It’s easy; it’s fast; it’s effective.

Scanning files made easy

Scanning files is as easy as sending only two HTTP requests: one, to upload the file, and two, to grab the analysis results.

On-demand malware scanner

Build a malware scanner tool using INLYSE’s API or let developers scan for malware where it is required without the messy codes.

Supported SDKs

We offer ready-made SDKs for many programming languages, making our API easily accessible for all.

Enhance your security with our ready-made SDKs for developers

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