Self-learning platform unbothered by the shifting threat landscape


While traditional threat detection relies on existing pool of threat databases, INLYSE’s patented technology allows it to evolve and get better and smarter over time

The INLYSE Platform: A unique way of unknown malware detection

INLYSE is a specialized cybersecurity solution seamlessly combining intelligent image recognition with self-learning neural networks. This allows the platform to identify even the most advanced malware, cyber-attacks, zero-day exploits, and APT attacks within seconds of detection.

It goes where traditional security engines can’t

Whereas existing solutions were built to solve one cybersecurity issue at a time, INLYSE was developed to take on threats that evade detection

Quickly detects the threats that fall through the classic antivirus cracks

INLYSE’s detection engine is so quick that malware gets detected in as little as 3 seconds.

Self-learning and visual

Performs holistic analysis to detect the most unusual malicious payloads


Provides next-gen detection that traditional security solutions can’t reach


Works on any domain or channel-on-premises and the cloud

Enhance your security stance everywhere


6 steps for INLYSE, 1 step for you to stay secure

Check out our different Plugins to take advantage of our solution

Web App Protection

Protect your self-hosted webservices like application portals from malicious file uploads

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Mail Client Security

Directly protect your users on their endpoints and provide E-Mail Security as soon as the user opens the attachment

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Cloud Applications

Scan all incoming requests to safeguard your cloud applications against malicious requests and file uploads

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Secure Browsing

Browse the web with confidence with a more thorough internet browsing security

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Mail Server Security

Scan incoming attachments against malware, before the emails arrive in your employee's inbox

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Microsoft 365

Eliminate the quick spread of malware and viruses by scanning every shared document within your workforce

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99.9% detection rate
Fast and easy deployment in less than 2 minutes
Highest innovation through AI tech
DSGVO Compliant, hybrid model available
Platform that grows with your needs
SMB budget compatible
DSGVO Compliant
Cutting-edge technology

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